February 1, 2009

No more nursing to sleep... well almost

Today my husband calls me into the bedroom to show me what Pookie is doing.  She is sitting with her newest Corolle baby doll, with her arm around it her shirt up (well as up as she could get it, and was reading a book.  This is exactly what we do everynight before bed.  She even had her arm around the doll in the same way.  She loves nursing her babies, and also likes me to do it.  She even makes her little plastic animals nurse from each other.  The pig is a big favourite because it clearly a mommy pig with all its teets. :P

Anyways it has been almost a month and Pooks no longer wants to nurse to sleep at bedtime.  I nurse her for about 30 minutes+ while we read books then when I reach to turn off the lights I unlatch her and we are done.  She snuggles into bed and acts like she will just go to sleep... but usually it takes another 10 minutes.  First I sing to her and then I just lay there with her until she dozes off.   It has made bedtime SO much less stressful.  It was just too hard lying there for so long nursing her and fighting to stay awake.

We have made no progress with nightweaning.  I attempted to get her to sleep in the twin bed, which she does fine until the second time she wakes up at night.  Then it is miserable.  I think we will start her out in there and only try to keep her there on the weekends, and let her slowly get used to it.  She doesn't outright object but the past two nights she has been so restless.

More good news is that she seems to be staying asleep until Jeff and I go to bed.  This is AMAZING!  It is so nice not having to run up to her half way through a TV show. :)

I bought the "No Cry Sleep Solution for Toddlers" and I am finding it helpful.  Most of the tips I already was aware of but it is motivating to read and I feel like now I can come up with a realistic plan.

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Artistmama said...

How cool. I didn't try night weaning until Michael was about 2 1/2 or so. I was to chicken. I did everything until pretty late with Michael, with the next I'd like to be a little more proactive.