February 9, 2009

Learning Colours

I am trying my best to work colours into our every day life, so Pookie will learn them.  She just isn't that interested to be honest.  Although today I pointed out her undies were blue and she said "bluuu" quite a few times.  Later when we were drawing she picked up the blue crayon and said "Undeeeee".   It was quite exciting because it was the first time she seemed to really make that kind of observation on her own.  When she said it I agreed that the crayon was blue and quickly grabbed all the blue things I could for her to look at.

Then I had this great idea.  I just bought her some wooden letters for the fridge.  They come in four colours, so i coloured 4 pieces of paper each in one of the colours and I showed her how to put all the reds on the red paper etc.  She did this at the play centre a couple months ago but putting coloured bears in their corresponding bowl.  Today she was NOT into it.  Oh well... maybe another day!

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