February 3, 2009

Phase 2 of sleepweaning

Pooks is so good at going to bed now without nursing I am moving to phase 2.  Now the plan is I tuck her into the twin bed that is against our queen, sing her 2 songs and leave.  I have done it a couple times now, and if she sits up and asks where I am going I just tell her, "mommy is going pee pee".  Which usually is true - I just don't mention coming back or not coming back.  Last night she called for me and I just called in and said I was doing pee pee, and she must of gone back asleep.  I just forsee it being really useful to be able to leave her to fall asleep on her own, once another baby comes into the picture.

Now if I could just have some progress with night-weaning.  Right now I nurse her and try to get her to go back into the little bed for her first two wakenings.  After that she comes in the queen with me and hubby goes into the little bed.  Last night she actually rolled back in those first two times on her own  - although she didn't sleep well until she got into the big bed.  I am hoping the fact that she rolled back in on her own is progress.  I think it will be beneficial to have her sleep in her own bed - even if it is against our.


BundlebooMaMa said...

wouldn't it be great if we could detach our boobs and hand them off for the evening??

Shannon said...

I think about that all the time! Detachable boobs would be awesome! :P

Lisa said...

I remember going through this....now my girls are 5&7. It's so difficult...on one hand it would be so nice to get a full night's sleep, on the other hand they are only little for such a short time. Good luck to you.