February 14, 2009

My Little Ballerina

Pookie continues to enjoy anything ballet related.  She gets very upset if she knows I am going to teach and she isn't coming.   I have tried to get her to sit on a mat while I teach, instead of in the sling, because at 24 pounds she is getting heavy for just one shoulder.  She will sit on the mat for a while and then every so often she starts doing her stretches, or she will go over to the piano bench and use it as a barre to do her leg lifts and plies.  It is so cute and I have a hard time not watching her.

This morning we put on a ballet outfit - as pictured above.  She now has very specific ideas about what she wants to wear.  She felt really great in this outfit and was all excited that I was going to take some pictures. 

Although I am excited to enroll her in a ballet class, I have mixed feelings about her really getting into it.  I had such a hard time with the body image aspects, as well as never feeling like I was good enough... even when I was.  Because I did so much dancing I never got to do other activities and never was able to participate in sports or other things.   I want Pooks to be able to try lots of different things, before she settles on one or two activities to focus on.   

I have had many students who do so many activities sometimes 2 or 3/ night.  Their parents push them to excel in everything and yet they can never get very good at ballet because their schedules don't allow for adequate practice.  They often seem tired and distracted, or some of them are hyper active.  I think it is really important to find a balance that works for your child.  One of the reason's I like the idea of homeschooling is because kids have the time and focus to do other things without being worn out from hours of school.   I have several homeschooled kids and they really are different (in a good way) from the other kids.  


Motherhood for the Weak said...

OH! She is just too cute! Love the pics! I don't know momma, if you're bit by the dancing bug there's not much you can do to stop it!

Although I would suspect right now that she is primarily modeling you. Her interests may change as she develops.

Shannon said...

It's true! Some kids just LOVE to dance. I am hopeful Pooks likes it.. just not too much! :P