February 1, 2009

Alien/ Robot Dance Party

Today we went to this family dance party which took place at a fancy downtown nightclub.  I didn't really have any expectations, other than that I thought it would be in a one room club and be good but not super fun.  It was so much fun and so well put together.  The club was huge with multiple levels, and different rooms.  There was a big room for dancing where they had people dressed as robots and aliens, and they would have dance offs.  There was a smaller room with more dancing, and beach balls to play with and glow in the dark drawing to do.  Downstairs they had cardboard castles (big!) to draw on and a book nook.  It had a Yo Gabba Gabba theme - a show my husband loves to watch with Pookie on the computer.

We went with our couple friend, who have two children - we went to the Zoo and pool with them last week.  It was funny being at a club with them because they often went to the same club Jeff and I used to go to.  Who knew all those years ago... a decade ago... that we would be hanging out at a club with our kids.

Pookie had a lot of fun.  She just loves our friend's older daughter who is a year older.  She can even say her name already - which is HUGE for Pooks.    Now if you mention her buddies name her face lights up... SO CUTE!!

There were a lot of slings, and carriers and breastfeeding mom's which was nice to see.  Actually there were a lot of Dad's wearing carriers.  Jeff has always enjoyed wearing Pooks but we have only seen one of two other Dad's using a carrier since Pooks was born.

I had fun talking to T.  She is also an AP mom, and the first I know with a child older than mine, so it is nice to listen to her experiences.   She also makes being a mom of 2 look easy... which I think puts Jeff at ease! 

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