February 1, 2009

No TV this week

Pookster really only watches kids TV with my husband.  I will occasionally show her something on youtube - like some ballet, or horses etc.  I do however wake up, grab my breakfast and vege in front of the TV.  Pookie really doesn't pay that much attention to the TV, but she doesn't fully ignore it.  I also started watching Little House on the Prairie (I admit it I love that show), with Pookie while Jeff makes dinner.  

I want to stop .  It isn't that I think TV is evil or anything but I do want to avoid it for as long as possible when it comes to Pooks.   So I am blogging about this to keep me accountable.  I am going to aim to go this entire week without letting Pooks see any TV at all, and hopefully I can rework my morning routine.  

We will see how it goes!

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