February 2, 2009

Making Friends + no TV morning

Pooks just LOVES big girls.  Anyone who is about 3 or older.  Today we went to the indoor play centre and towards the end of our visit some older girls showed up.  She got so excited and pointed to them and proceeded to start following them.  One of them who was 3 or 4, quickly took Pooks under her wing.  This little girl was so sweet and quiet.  She led Pooks through the jungle gym, went down the slide with her, ran around holding hands with her.  It was the sweetest thing ever, and Pooks was so happy.  She was BEAMING!!  Then two other little girls wanted to play with the girl P was playing with.  The little girl told them that P had to play with them too.  Then P started playing with THREE little girls.  I almost got choked up because even though she was a "baby" to them I could see what a big girl she is becoming.  They all played so nice and when we left there were lots of hugs and kisses.  

It was actually very striking today the differences between the boys and girls.... it made me really scared to have a boy!!  They are so energetic, and pushy and crazy.  I usually figure this is mostly because people often parent boys differently.... but when EVERY boy is that way it certainly seems part of it is just that boys are different?!

This morning I fought the urge to go watch TV when I got up.  I was really tired and just wanted to vege, but I resisted and actually enjoyed our morning much more.   I think after a couple of weeks I should be out of the TV habit.

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Artistmama said...


Boys are energetic and crazy! But that's what makes them so much fun! They are wild and exciting. But my boy is really sensitive and so sweet. In fact, I hope I have another just like him.