February 15, 2009

Fun at the Mall

Today we went to the mall to avoid going stir crazy.   It seemed low-key enough for Pookie.  We got her a new skirt from the Gap.  I would be happy buying all her clothes from there.  I love how everything coordinates and holds up so well.  They always have great sales too.  Anyways Pookie really only wants to wear tights for some reason, and will agree to wear a shirt.  So when I saw the cutest skirt at the Gap I couldn't resist.  She loved it so much we had to put it on right after we bought it.  She was so funny in the Gap.  She ran around and wanted everything.  It is funny how into clothes & shoes she is.  She has very particular ideas about what she wants to wear, and how she wants to wear stuff.  I love putting her in cute comfy outfits but I am really not that into fashion, so it definitely isn't from seeing me getting all dolled up. 

We were sitting on a bench having a drink and she starts saying "beeee beeee".  I wasn't sure what she was getting at so I asked her "where is the B".  She looked up at a "Bikini Bay" sign and pointed excitedly "beeee beee".   It was really weird!!  We have been doing www.starfall.com with her everyday, but we mostly do the letter E.    I try to point letters out to her all the time but "B" really hasn't been one I have been focusing on.  She is definitely starting to really notice letters, and even when she draws she will scribble and say "Eeeeee".  

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Motherhood for the Weak said...

Yes we run our little one at the mall too. Thank goodness for malls. They make winter bearable. We also discovered a great nature center this weekend that is geared towards kids and has space for running off steam.