February 4, 2009

Early Years Centre

We are really fortunate that the Ontario government funds "Early Years Centres".  These are free play centres for children 0-6.  There are some programs you can register for, and times where you can just go in and use their wonderful toys.  All the toys have a purpose - no junky gadgets.  Pookies favourite activity is arts & crafts.  Today they had paints out which she loved.  She also really loved pouring glue on her hand.  I got some weird looks from some of the other parents,  but she was just exploring and it wasn't hurting anyone.  

Today a little girl (3) played with her for a bit, which she really enjoyed.  That is also why I like going to the EYC - it gives Pooks a chance to play with other children.  

Usually the other mom's, grandparents etc. are either quite nice or just fade into the background but there are now two mom's who really get on my nerves.  

Mom #1 is the screamer.  She is always yelling at her kid, who from what I can see is never doing anything wrong.  Her daughter is perfectly well behaved, but the littlest thing sets this mom off.  I feel bad that the poor kid can never do anything right.  It is always awkward because she is so loud and overall people tend to use quite voices in this place.

Mom #2 was there today and she an over controller.  Anything her kids (4 & 6) chose to do she had to tell them how to do it, or what to do.  I never once saw the kids initiate any play.  Her daughter sat down and just stared at the arts & crafts table, and then the mom basically micro-managed her art work.  Even with the play dough she was constantly instructing them how exactly they needed to play with it.  It made me feel incredibly uncomfortable to watch.  Her kids acted like robots and she was proud.  

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