February 4, 2009

Child Friendly Home

I have really been aiming to have a home that has area's for Pookie to play in all over.   Our dining room is a bit of an awkward space.  Too big for just a table, but too small for much else.  We decided that one end would be perfect for Pooks table and kitchen.  That has worked out really well.  Now that she is getting older I want to set up a nook for art supplies.  I grabbed some old shelves from upstairs and brought them down.  It isn't exactly what I had in mind, but it will do.  I love that I can put our boom box on top.  It is leading to lots more dancing!  

In the picture it looks like there is quite a bit of space between the end of the table and where the kitchen is but it is only a foot or so.  I'd love to do something to define the kitchen a bit more but I am at a loss.  Creativity is not one of my strengths.  I just freeze up and think all my ideas are garbage.  

We really need to get some pictures up on the wall.  I was thinking about doing a collage of different sized and style frames (not too small though), with family pictures in them.   We have been in this house for almost 1.5years and I just can't commit!

I am just completely in love with a house I found on MDC... and now this woman's blog is one of my fav's.   I love finding new blogs that are updated frequently and are interesting and inspiring. 

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