February 8, 2009


The older Pookie gets the more I research all the things I should be doing with her.  The biggest thing I have come away with is that if I offer a stimulating environment and let her explore and play I don't need to worry.  But I still do!  I am trying to do more things with her and to join in when she is playing if she wants me too - which she usually does.  I got out a bag of chick peas and set up with activity for her.  She loves it and will ask for "beeee".  

Should I be doing more arts & crafts with her?  This is my newest stressor.  She loves doing A/C at the play centre so now I feel guilty I don't have adequate supplies at home.  That is my project for this week.  Get her some things to work with - some glue, pictures to stick, stickers etc..   We have been doing lots of drawing.  She prefers pen, and holds the pen correctly.  She even leans in and makes tiny scribbles.  Sometimes she will point to a squiggle and say "E".  The first time this happened she actually pointed to something she had drawn which looked exactly like an E.  Oh course I freaked out and thought she was a genius, but her other attempts to make an E bare no resemblance. 

Well she is calling me!  Apparently bath-time is over.


Artistmama said...

Arts & crafts are fun. I try to make time for it but never feel like it's enough. Sometimes it seems like such a hassle to get it all out. Last summer I put up a shoe organizer for extra storage. http://chocoeyes.blogspot.com/2008/07/confessions-of-neat-freak-artist.html Here's a link. I love it! And here's a great blog for arts & crafts, complete with books and songs to go with. http://www.notimeforflashcards.com/
Fun. I usually adapt her projects to materials we have, instead of try and go out and buy more.

Shannon said...

Thanks so much for those links!! I can't wait to go check them out. :)