February 18, 2009

Another Plastic Purge

My current interest is reading up on Waldorf Education.  I am off to the library to get "You are your child's first teacher".   Seeing all the pictures of the waldorf-esque playrooms out there, I became inspired to purge more of our plastic toys.  They are mostly gifts so I have felt bad with giving them away.  Pookie does have a few that are well used and loved.  For example she just adored her Little People Farm set, so we will keep that, but much of the other junk is doing.  I am just hoping my husband doesn't intervene.  He has a hard time parting with things... especially gifts.

I really want to clear out the basement more so that we can convert the space under the stairs into a little hideaway for Pookie.  I was hoping it would be done for her second birthday.  However first my lovely husband has to deal with his piles of junk (he gets so mad when I refer to it as that).  

Now Pookie is on the mend I am looking forward to once again getting back to our routine we had been building.  I want to create a set time we do arts & crafts on Mon, Wed & Fri, and another set time for additional reading.   I can't wait for the weather to get nice and to be able to happily go outside everyday.  I just can't get myself to do it in the winter... espcially on nasty cold, muddy, snowy days like today.