February 25, 2009

Getting more structured

I have never been one to impose schedules on Pookie.   It took a full year before we really started to set up routines for bedtime, and morning routines.  For a while now our Mon, Wed, Fri (tue/ thurs I work) mornings involve an outing - to the pool, indoor playground or a free play centre.  This has worked out really well!  Our afternoons have been totally unstructured, so I have decided to make sure we do a few structured activities each afternoon.   She has been enjoying doing these things.  They seem to put her in a good mood and she is happier doing her own imaginative, creative play.  I also feel good at the end of the day.

1./  Arts & Crafts - it can be simple pen drawings or more elaborate projects

2./ Circle Time - we started doing this last week and she loves it.  We lay down a rug first (she loves getting it out and putting it down), and then we sing some songs like "I'm a little teapot" "Grand old duke of york" etc... we also hop around like bunnies, stretch like cats, jump like frogs etc...  She gets so excited we have been only able to do part of each song, so the whole thing takes about 5 minutes. :P

3./ Montessori inspired activity - like playing with beans, puzzles etc.  Lately she hasn't been into this kind of thing, and has been opting for dramatic play with her dolls, kitchen etc.  I just offer it and if she isn't interested that's fine.

4./ Dancing - we throw on some tunes and dance, or just run around and jump off stuff.

5./ Playdough

I am not really into baking.  I like doing it, just not eating it.  I find if I bake muffins etc.  we just eat them all so fast and opt for them instead of healthier options.  My mom on the other hand likes to bake and has been doing it with Pooks.  I am glad she gets to do this activity.  Maybe when she gets a bit older I will be more motivated. 

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Artistmama said...

You're doing really well w/ structure.

Structure is always a challenge for me. The pg and move has thrown us all off track. I'm hoping to find a Waldorf curriculum to get us back on track!