February 14, 2009

Playful Parenting

Last summer I read Playful Parenting.  It is a highly recommended book over at MDC.  Pookie was only just over a year so although I found the book wonderful it wasn't very useful.  Now that she is almost 2 I am finding this approach really helpful.  I actually think I need to re-read it.  One of the "playful" things I do with Pookie is use her baby to make certain things more fun.  For example at night after she uses her potty she is often reluctant to get in bed. If I take one of her babies and do a silly voice and say "mommy I am going to go put my head on the pillow" and then walk the baby over... well Pookie just LOVES this and gets all excited about getting in bed.   Overall I try to connect with Pooks on a daily basis by just having fun with her and doing really silly things.  I think that has really strengthened our bond.  My husband also naturally parents this way.

One of the authors ideas is to set aside a special time called "PlayTime", where you happily follow your child's lead.  I try to do this all the time but sometimes I do like to make suggestions.  I like the idea of setting aside this time and being really diligent about letting Pookie lead the fun... even if it might not seem so fun for me. :P 

One of our fun games... that is totally silly but Pookie loves is when I throw pillows at her.  I know it probably sounds horrible, but she loves having a big pillow come flying across the room and land on her.  The author also believes in roughhousing.  It is funny because usually it is the Dad that takes on this role but so far I am much more adventurous on this front.  Pooks loves it when we do crazy physical things.  I think she likes seeing all the different ways her body can move, or be moved.  I also think doing this type of thing will make her more confident to try new physical things, and also stronger to do those new things. 

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