February 9, 2009

Drawing at 21 months & EC update

Pookie is 21 months today.  This morning we did some drawing.  Of course she insisted on using a pen.  I think she likes the tiny lines she can make with it.  I am just so impressed with how she holds the pen.  I can remember being taught the correct way to hold a pencil.  I let her do whatever she wanted and then I stole an idea from a Kumon book I was flipping threw at the bookstore yesterday.  I drew two dots and showed her how to draw a line from one dot to the other.    She had a hard time understanding you stop at the second dot but she loved doing this nonetheless.  Then I drew some circles and asked her if she could draw a circle.  I think she does a pretty good job!

I also drew some pictures of underwear for her to colour in (or over :P ).  Her new favourite word is "UNDEE".  She is quite aware that she gets to wear underwear instead of a diaper and she really loves picking them out.  On the EC front... I don't even think about putting her in a diaper during the day anymore.  Now I am starting to wonder when I will consider her potty trained.

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