November 11, 2008

Wood Kitchen no-go

I decided that we should get Pookie a play kitchen for Christmas (the plain wood one seen above) as she loves playing with the one at the play centre. I did lots of research on which one would be best and talked to my mom who agreed to chip in for it. So... it turns out there are none sold in my price range in Canada! There is one that is very similar to the Camden Rose one but it is $450 with tax!! Other than that one the rest aren't what I had in mind. To order one from the states would cost an additional $130 in shipping.

I am pretty bummed out. However I did see a DIY one that I loved! It is the red and white one above. I am hoping Pookies Dad will agree to build it.... AND to use recycled parts. I think he is sure I am out to make his life more difficult. This is the one that I just love!


Anonymous said...

hey, i'm going to detoit (probably) for american thanksgiving. maybe i could pick it up? let me know.

Anonymous said...

what happened to my comment? i said i probably will be going to detroit for amercan thanksgiving. maybe i can pick it up?