November 15, 2008

2 Piece Puzzle a no go

I went to Mastermind the other day and couldn't resist picking up these 2 piece animal puzzles.  I was so excited to show Pooks because I thought she would love it.  She really didn't have much of an interest in it.  Fitting the pieces together was hard for her, and she didn't really seem to get matching them.  Although I know she can match other things.  I think I will just leave this one on her shelf and maybe one day she will be in the mood to work on it.  

She does love those toddler wooden puzzles.  She has been doing a 3 pieces one since before she turned one, and she can do the a 9 piece shape one pretty easily.  I think what makes this less appealing it the lack of a "snap" when you put them together.  

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