November 24, 2008

Baby Carriers

Before Pooks was born I started buying baby carriers.  I have a Mei Tai which has been the handsdown favourite.  It is an Angel Pack and I just LOVE it.  I used it from the time she was about 3 weeks until present.  It is really comfy and easy to wear.  Even Daddy can get it on by himself.  It is reversible so it can be just brown on the outside for Daddy.  

I also have a hotsling, which I only started liking once I could do the hip carry.  I still put Pooks in it if she is feeling needy and I am trying to get stuff done.  I wear it when I am teaching ballet and she is with me.  She sits happily in it.

I have a unpadded ring sling, which I also like but didn't use as much because it was a bit more involved to put on and off.  I didn't get it until Pooks was about 5 months and I think it would of been great when she was newborn.  I am lending it to a friend. 

Finally I bought an organic cotton Cuddly Wrap (also on lend).  I got this with a gift certificate when Pookie was about 10 months.  I wish I had had it when she was newborn.  She  could still probably go in it but I thought my friend would enjoy it more with her new baby.

I love baby wearing.  We hardly used a stroller in the first year and once she started walking we just let her walk when we go out.  We bring a carrier as back up.  We do use a jogging stroller for when we run.  

I find strollers seem so over used.  I am not saying they don't have their place, but it just seems wrong when you see these newborns going from stroller, to car seat, to bouncy chair to exersaucer.   Then they end up with really bad flat head...  


Lindsay said...

Do you like your CuddlyWrap? I am thinking of getting something like that for the new baby since I'm sure Logan will be helping me keep my hands full :P

Shannon said...

Hey Linds,

I would definitely recommend the Cuddly Wrap! I really liked it, and it really is SO cuddly and soft. I loved how close it held Everly too me and how you could pull the material up over their heads to support them. The only thing I didn't like was that it was WAY WAY too long for me. It is one size fits all so if you are smaller like us it really is too much fabric. I know other wraps are sized. I was thinking I would have it shortened for baby number 2.

Lindsay said...

Thanks. I will have to take that into consideration since I am pretty small. Like you said though, I could always shorten it if I need to.