November 7, 2008

Our EC Story

 Today Pooks and I went to the mall.  I put her in a diaper but I could of taken her in underwear.  I took her to the washroom after we had been there for a while and she peed in the huge public toilet.  A few months ago she would go near those big toilets but now she will happily go on it.  I think I will start taking her out in underwear with waterproof pants overtop.  I find she knows the difference between underwear and diapers, so it seems like it is pretty important to keep her in underwear as much as possible.  I am really hopeful she will be totally diaper-free in the day by the time she is 2.  My goal has always been to have her potty learned by the time we have another baby.  

She is around 8 months in the above picture.  At this point she was going quite frequently on the toilet.  She seemed to prefer the potty insert. The way I approached it (we were "late" starters at 7 months), was to put her on the potty when she woke up from sleeping, or anytime I thought I could get her to sit there.  I tried to catch one pee a day.  While she peed I would say "You are going pee pee".  Sometimes I would catch no pees and I felt so discouraged.    Eventually she started to make the connection and would release her bladder if it was full when she was on the toilet.  I just kept up-ing the amount of pee's I tried to catch.  I remember it was Boxing Day when I caught the first poo, and something really must of clicked because since that day I have probably only cleaned about 10 poopy diapers.  Things just got easier and easier.  The best thing I did was to stop putting so much pressure on myself, and not aim to be "perfect".  Once I did that we became so much more successful.  

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