November 17, 2008

Great EC Weekend

We had a surprisingly good weekend on the EC front.  On Saturday I had a choreograph a ballet dance so Pookie and Daddy were on their own.  Daddy took Pookie to the mall in her undies and she did a poop at the mall.  Then yesterday she was commando the whole time we were at her cousins.  She did a pee before we went to leave and wouldn't put a diaper on for the the drive home.  I decided to chance it and let her go diaper free for the hour long drive home.  About 10 minutes into our drive along the highway she signed to go potty.  We pulled into a McDonalds and she pooped!  

She is really enjoying pulling her own pants down and up.  I am really looking forward to her "graduation".  I hopeful it will be before she turns 2.  

I really love these Ikea potties.  They are only $2.99 canadian.  Before I found them I bought the Baby Bjorn Little Potty but it is 5 times as expensive and Pookie actually prefers the Ikea one.  The one good thing about the BBLP is that it is smaller so it is better for infants.

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Artistmama said...

I bought that Baby Bjorn potty too. Although I really like it, it's too bad I don't live near Ikea!