November 24, 2008

Christmas Dress

So that is her Christmas dress. Usually dress Pooks in comfy practical clothes.  Stretch pants, jogging pants, cotton tops and hoodies.  However for Christmas I like to go all out!  It is my one chance a year to dress her in something totally impractical.  My mom used to always get us a really nice dress for Christmas and I always loved that so I am carrying on the tradition.  I am not really keen on the flowers on this dress, but the price was right and aside from the flowers it was almost exactly like a dress at Gymboree I liked (which was $50).  Pookie really liked it actually and did a couple spins in it.  

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Motherhood for the Weak said...

Love the dress! We dress up for Xmas too, although red is not the babeola's color at all. Pookie will look beautiful though.