November 24, 2008

Science Centre

Yesterday was Daddy's work children's Christmas party.  This year they held it at the Science Centre, which meant once it was over we could have a visit for free.

Pookie had SO much fun!  They have created a new kids area for kids under 8, and it was amazing.  I think that next year I will get a pass so we can go on a regular basis.  If I were able to homeschool Pooks it is somewhere I would want to go all the time.  I couldn't help but think how much you could learn going there on your own.  As a kid I really only went with school groups and I never got to spend time on the things that interested me.

 Pooks had the most fun in these peg-like board things where you push your body in and make an impression.  It was fun watching her play with all these older kids and hold her own.  She also enjoyed an electric keyboard they had set up with body sounds on it.  She even loved looking at the organs of the human body - she was pretty sure the liver was a hat!  We were there for about 2 hours and I am sure we could of stayed much longer.  There was a big area with all sorts of water activities.  We decided against letting her see that because then we really would of been there forever!

PS - I have to thank my Aunt K for the super cute outfit Pooks is wearing in these pictures.  The tights are from The Gap and have a bear on the bum "Bear Bottom" tights!  

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Lindsay said...

I remember the Science Center. I haven't been there since grade school. I wish we still lived around there since I bet Logan would have a blast there and we don't really have anything like that around here. I bet Everly will really enjoy it if you guys get a pass next year.