November 21, 2008

Busy Days - Naturopath

The top picture is Pookie last spring at my parents and the picture below it is me.  I am working a project which involves scanning lots of old pictures so I have had fun finding ones of Pooks and I that are similar.

Pooks still has that rash around her mouth.  It is not very bad at all but her Daddy is so worried and has threatened to do horrible stuff to me (joke) if I don't take her to the doctor.  I was resistant to that because all the doctor will do is prescribe some cream, rather than look into what is causing it.  So I decided to make an appointment to see a naturopath.  This ND works out of the midwives clinic I will use for my next pregnancy.  She specializes in children and women, and she is also a doula.  She is very AP and even pro alternative schooling.  I decided to make an appointment for myself as well and she said she could even see Pookie's Dad.   

I will be really relieved to have someone I can trust to go to when Pookie isn't well.  Since she was born I was scared into giving her antibiotics twice and honestly it is one of my biggest regrets.  It isn't that I am against them but I do think they are over prescribed, and the co-relation between their use and asthma scares me.
Both Pookie's dad and her cousin from Daddy's side have asthma (Dad not anymore).  It is actually one of the reasons I got interested in extended-nursing.  I did a lot of research on how to prevent it.

The ND has a pre-pregnancy detox program.  I am really excited to get some input on that.  Before we started TTC I really cleaned up me eating habits in order for my body to be as healthy as possible. 

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Artistmama said...

You're so lucky to have found a Naturopath! How cool. All I have is my midwife, a wonderful herbalist, that I can pester for advice. Which is awesome. I'm also a budding herbalist myself. I have a herb cabinet modeled after my midwive's and that's where we go first for our cures. Either that or off to the health food store for a general homeopathic. I stopped taking Michael to the Dr after they told me, well, if you don't plan on vaccinating for awhile then we don't need to see him. That's when I found out those "Wellness check ups" are really vaccine visits and have little to do with prevention and wellness. Sad.
Sorry to have wrote a book.