November 10, 2008

Wheel Barrell

I was reading something on the internet and it mentioned wheel barrells were good for pre-schoolers to do.  I thought I would see if Pooks could even do it.  She could and really enjoyed it.  When we first started I could hold her around her knees but by the time we took the picture she was tired.  She can go about 10 "steps" so far.  I also thought I would start working on somersaults with her too - you can see the mattress we can use for doing them and it is great for jumping on too.  She has always enjoyed doing gross motor things.  She loves galoping, doing plies (knee bends), "skips" (she actually is marching), developes (lifting her leg in the air)  and tip toe walks.  I also started showing her how to slither like a snake since already has a bit of a fascination with snakes - we make them when we do playdough.  

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