November 13, 2008

Breastfeeding & CIO vent

So... a woman breastfed her toddler on the steps of a pool. Personally it is not something i would do... although I have nursed on the pool deck and above is a picture of Pooks nursing in the ocean! Anyways the woman was asked to go to the change room. There are a nurse-in, security guards and now it is in the news.

What I can not believe are the ignorant comments (click on the title on my blog for links). Someone compared breastfeeding in public to peeing in public. Honestly it just makes me sick. All my closest friends share the same views about breastfeeding I do so sometimes I forget how ignorant people are.

I think someone suggested giving the baby a bottle of formula. *sigh* I honestly thought people were getting it through their heads that "breast is best" and that we should be doing everything possible to make mothers able to breastfeed!

I was listening to CFRB 1010 last weekend to Dr. Lester (first and last time I will listen to his show), and he had a caller with a baby under 1 who was not sleeping through the night. He suggested Ferberization (letting the baby cry it out) and giving some formula. WTH!!! I can't believe someone would give such out of date advice. The Dad seemed really unsure and you could tell it went against his instincts. UGH! No wonder people are so ignorant when you get advice like that from a "professional".

Here is a quote from the following website :

"It has been suggested in the past that CIO is healthy for infants’ physical development, particularly the lungs. A recent study looking at the immediate and long-term physiologic consequences of infant crying suggests otherwise. The following changes due to infant crying have been documented: increased heart rate and blood pressure, reduced oxygen level, elevated cerebral blood pressure, depleted energy reserves and oxygen, interrupted mother-infant interaction, brain injury, and cardiac dysfunction. The study’s researchers suggested that caregivers should answer infant cries swiftly, consistently, and comprehensively, recommendations which are in line with AP principles. "
I could go on and on but it just seems like either people are receptive or they aren't.

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