November 25, 2008

My Little Ballerina

I danced for many years, up until I was 26. I trained for a while at the Royal Winnipeg Ballet school. (Got my Advanced RAD, did the Solo Seal and bombed, and did up to Intermediate in Cecchetti - for any of you that know what that all means) I went to University for dance and got my RAD teaching certificate.

Anyways all that dancing didn't do too much for my body image, which was why I wasn't gung ho for Pooks to follow in my footsteps. However she LOVES ballet! She loves dancing, she loves her ballet books, she loves watching ballet on youtub, she loves watching me teach.

I taught her how to do a plie, develope (stick your leg in the air), some arm positions, galoping, "tippy toes", skipping (which for her is marching on her tip toes) and jumping. She loves doing these things. She even taught herself how to do a backbend from looking at a picture of a ballet dancer doing one.

Once a week she comes and teaches with me for 15-30 minutes while I wait for her Dad to pick her up. She sits in her hotsling and quietly watches, occasionally signing more or pointing at something she likes.

It is pretty neat to see how interested she is in it without me pushing it on her.  Her Dad is a musician too so I think music & dance are just in her.

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