November 7, 2008

Montessori Shelf

Since Pookie has never slept in her room I decided to put away the crib and turn it into a Montessori-inspired room.  So far all I have is a shelf.  We bought a table for it but I decided to use it in our dining room instead.  

Here is her shelf.  We got it on craigslist for $25!  It is perfect.  I have set up some of her more "Montessori" toys.   She really enjoys taking the toys down and setting them down on her mat.  She also seems to take a lot of pride in putting them away... most of the time! 

I want to set up an art corner and have her markers and paper accessible as well as her playdough.  Eventually I would like to get her an easel but right now she is way too short for any of the none plastic ones I have seen.

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