November 29, 2008

Visit to the Naturopath

We had a great visit with the naturopath this week. What a difference from seeing the regular pediatrician. She wanted to know so much about Pookies background, including her birth. She observed her while we chatted and did a bit of a physical exam (more than the ped). She said she would do the rest at our next visit in 6 months for a check up.

It was nice to be able to ask questions about brushing her teeth, the bump on her head etc. and get a thorough answer. I asked her about vaccines which we stopped at 6 months and I really liked her balanced answer.

She said Pookie obivously has a strong vitality and a very strong neurological system. She commented on how healthy I feed her and how all the cuddles and love I am giving her are making her brain grow strong. It felt good to get that kind of feedback. She also mentioned that I might be interested in reading up on Waldorf eduction, which was pretty neat since I have just started doing exactly that. Apparently there is a conference in the spring at the local Waldorf school with lots of speakers on natural parenting.

She presciped a homeopathic remedy of Sulpher 6CH for Pookies rash on her face, and my homeopathic friend also agreed that sounded like a good remedy.

I am really looking forward to my own appointment on Tuesday. :)


Motherhood for the Weak said...

I read a book recently that you may find interesting re: Waldorf. It was titled Smart Moves and is all about the neurology of learning. Very much supports Waldorf I think and AP in general, plus it's full of facts and studies you can cite (but is not a boring or hard read, just skip the in-depth anatomy).


My earthy momma odyssey said...

I've been taking my kids to a homeopathic MD since birth and it's been an amazing adventure. One of my kids wet the bed until she was 7, the homeopath gave her a remedy and she stopped wetting that night. What a difference in health care when the provider looks at the whole person instead of just the symptoms.