November 15, 2008

Pipecleaners & Spice Bottle

I am pretty sure I saw this one over at Chasing Cheerios.  I got the supplies at the dollarstore. The holes is the spice jar looked really small so I was worried it would be too challenging for Pookie, but it was a HUGE hit!  She is able to put a pipecleaner in every hole no problem.  She even got one of her babies to do it. You can see her trying to put the pipecleaner in the babies hand.  She then proceeded to make the baby put a couple in.  I am hoping to find a slightly more challenging fine motor activity to add to our collection.

She also worked on her pompom/ chopstick activity today.  She really enjoys that one and I think I can add a few more poms to the bowl now. 

Of course she also wanted to draw.  I think this is her favourite thing to do at the moment.  She is really getting more involved in it and using her markers and crayons in different ways.

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