November 17, 2008

Good Intentions don't always = a good day

Today I had all these wonderful intentions.  Pookie would have a dry day, we would spend lots of time outside happily enjoying nature, and we would do some fun activities together.  Unfortunately Pookie and I were not on the same page.  For some reason she decided to pee in some weird spots today.  These weren't accidents - she intentionally peed on top of her slide and then in the dog bed.  It is frustrating, but she is only 18 months and I just keep reminding myself it is normal and she is ahead of lots of children who are older than her.

Next... I have decided we need to go outside to play even when it is chilly.  I took her out and it was a disaster!  Everything was frustrating her.  She loves to hold the dog's leash and she had zero patience when the dog wasn't cooperating.  There were quite a few tears so we came inside. 

Then I thought she might like to do some of her Montessori activities... nope she wasn't interested... until she found a M&M's container and decided she would like to put water in that.  I got her set up and she poured water from various containers for almost 30 minutes.  Then she got bored and went to her Montessori shelf and brought the chickpeas over and poured them into the water.  She really liked that and it kept her busy for another 20 minutes.

Sometimes you just need to take a step back and forget about your own agenda and see what your child wants to do.   She often does enjoy it when I initiate an activity, but there are lots of days were I just need to be a passive observer, keep her safe and let her do her own things.

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Artistmama said...

It's funny how that goes. I used to feel bad if I wasn't playing with him or somehow directing an activity. But, now I see how great it is that he learns to play on his own and do his own thing. He usually comes up with more interesting things than I could have thought of anyway.