November 21, 2008

Finding a Rhythm

I loved reading Artistmama's blog about finding a rhythm to the day and also using verses.  We started doing a bedtime routine about 2 months ago when Pookie showed signs of needing it.  It has made bedtime much smoother, and we really enjoy it.  Now our mornings show signs of needing better flow.  Usually I would bring my breakfast down the basement, watch a TV show while Pooks played, and then I was more awake and we would start our day.  This isn't working anymore.  Pooks wants to watch TV - which I don't want her too, and she just seems crabby.  

Today we tried something new and it worked well.  We went to the main level and sang some morning songs - I need to find some better ones!  She did lots of drawing, and I did a bit of cleaning.  We made breakfast and then we tidied up and went up to the Montessori room and briefly did some activities.  After that Daddy woke up so we were there to give him kisses.  Finally we did lots of dancing/ ballet.  This made our morning so much more enjoyable.  I would like to add some morning yoga before breakfast, but I just couldn't get motivated today.  

My plan is to use songs/ verses for the morning, meals, bedtime and also for when we go in the car.  I think it will help let her know what is going to happen next and maybe eventually she will join in!

If you have any verses/ songs please share them or share your links!

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Artistmama said...

Oh, cool, thanks for linking to my site! The developing rhythm is really working for us. I'm still on the lookout for more verses and songs to add. I'm loving it. I found a great bedtime verse that I'll share on my blog soon. A morning favorite for Michael is Ring around the rosie with his parachute. Also, I'm a little tea pot, when we make our tea. Fun! Hope you are well!