November 15, 2008


One of the decisions I am happiest about is co-sleeping.  We started out with our crib sidecarred to our bed.  That was great for the first 2 months when she was so tiny.  As she got bigger we used the crib less and less, until finally we went to sell our condo and took down the crib and just put her in the bed.  Pookies Dad was mostly sleeping on the couch because Pookie was such a noisy nurser.  When we moved my parents gave us a single bed and we just put that next to our queen.  Since then Pooks and I sleep in the "big bed" and Daddy in the little one.  It has been working great.  I honestly can't imagine having it any other way and I certainly can't imagine breastfeeding at night with her in another room.  This way I barely have to wake up to nurse her.  Eventually I would like her to sleep in the little bed next to us in preparation for a sibling one day.  Right now it is not possible because she is sleeping so poorly due to teething.

It might not be the most beautiful room but it works really well for us.  


Artistmama said...


We have a similar setup, except that we have the twin bed at the end of our Queen bed, turned sideways. The twin bed is a tiny bit lower, but we don't notice because it's at our feet. Anyway, we really love it. Our bed looks gargantuan and is annoying to make but it serves us all well.

I can't imagine different sleeping arrangements either.

Shannon said...

Our twin is also a bit lower, although originally it was higher when we just had the Queen mattress on the floor. It IS a pain to make the bed though!! Does your LO sleep in the twin? Eventually I would like Pookie to sleep there.