April 17, 2009


I guess this will be a vent more than anything.  Sometimes I get so frustrated when I try to explain myself and why I take the approach to parenting that I do.  Over at MDC you get so much support and are surrounded by mom's that have a similar philosophy when it comes to raising a child.  Sometimes I forget that some mom's are just on a different planet than me... or it feels that way anyways.  I feel this need to explain myself... but when I do I just know there is no way to get my point across without sounding standoffish or better than you.   I know this probably sounds silly but sometimes I feel like I have been enlightened from going to MDC and reading books that support those philosophies.  It is hard to not want to enlighten other people... but then again I am sure they just think I am nutso and want me to keep my theories to myself.


Montessori Mama said...

You are not alone. I know how you feel. It's hard, even blogging sometimes I worry I might offend someone or come off seeming like I think I am better than someone else. Which of course is NOT true! Then, I catch myself when I look at other moms' blogs and think, "This person is amazing! How do they do all this?! I should really do more than I am doing..." It's an endless cycle. I've resolved within myself to do only what I can and to try my very best. Sharing only when someone asks and then I use "I" statements. This helps me to be respectful of other people's opinions while still expressing my own.
I just wanted to say, I love the way you write and enjoy reading your blog. And I think, you should be proud of the choices you've made in raising your beautiful daughter!
Take care

Lindsay said...


I am sorry that you feel you have to defend your views when it comes to these things. I wish that people would realize that their isn't just 1 right way to raise children and to stop judging others based on their decisions and morals. I too love reading your blog and you have some excellent ideas that I have incorporated into our lives. Obviously the same ideas/philosphies are not going to work for every family, but that doesn't mean that people should think you are parenting in some off the wall fashion or that you need to keep things to yourself.

I hope I didn't come off as standoffish in my comment, but I really think that you are doing an excellent job raising Pookie and you should be so proud of the girl she is becoming.

Bundleboo MaMa said...

I think anyone who finds offense with perspective isn't worth talking to anyway :) I think there is a definate difference with sharing your opinion with someone else... and forcing them. Great thing about blogging... is people who share your interests will find you. Wont hear me judge :)