April 12, 2009

Muffin Tray Meals

I had read about using a muffin tray for meals in one of Dr. Sears' books, and then a little while ago someone on MDC posted a link to pictures of muffin tray meals.  As soon as I saw them I just had to get my own muffin tray.

I got her a blue silicone tray and we have used it everyday since.  She really enjoys eating out of it and I really like that it forces me to give her 6 different food items.  Usually she eats what we eat plus we offer her some additional things - like berries, yogurt etc..  I use it for dinner every night and most lunches.  For breakfast she usually just has oatmeal so we don't bother then.

Now she will often say "dip dip dip" at meal time since there is usually yogurt, applesauce or hummus for her to dip her food into.


Mommy2O&E said...

This is such a great idea!! Where did you find the tray?

Shannon said...

I got the tray from Loblaws (our grocery store). It was under $10 I think. I just loved the colour!

Lindsay said...

I love this idea too. I have seen the muffin trays at Target too and they were around $10.