April 9, 2009

Fill in the blank & Signing ABCs

Pooks is doing great with her words. I think she must have about 150-200 now. I lost track after 120. She is by no means to the point where she can make a sentance. She is starting to put 2 words together more and more. Like "Bye Daddy", "I don't know" and "Help me".

Since she can't sing songs with the correct words we do fill in the blanks. I will sing "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little _____" and she will say "star". We have been doing this for lots of songs, the ABC's and 123's. I couldn't believe how many she would get right. Of course when I tried to get her to show my mom she didn't get any right. :P

We are also working on signing the ABC's. I think I might of mentioned this before. We are up to H now. I just do it with her once in a while when I remember, and occasionally let her watch the signing on Starfall. For some reason that is her favourite.


luvs2smile said...

Sounds like Pookie (I'm not sure if you wanted me to use her real name)is doing great with her words. I do fill in the blank w/William all the time, hoping one day he'll be able to do it himself. We're still not that great at the ABC's, but I think we'll get there. Thanks for all the wonderful updates...you should try and get a video of her on here. :)

Lindsay said...

I love the fill in the blanks idea. My grandparents used to do that with me when I was learning my nursery rhymes. They said that I could say most of them using that technique by about this age too. Logan just wants me to recite the whole thing and then he claps and says more. :P