April 16, 2009

Value of True Play

I just found a great article on the value of true play. I really enjoyed it so I thought I would share.



Here is great another article suggested by Becca- Artistmama from Chocolate Eyes.


Lindsay said...

That was a great article. I especially liked the section about preschool. I have getting a lot of flak from people about Logan going to a home daycare and not a center that is structured and geared towards higher education. I have always felt that a home like situation is much better for their development. Yes, they do have structured play/preschool time everyday, but they also have a lot of free play time both in the morning and after nap.

Artistmama said...

Great article! I've been reading up on this lately too. here's another great article about fostering creative play, it has some more great tips- waldorf inspired.