April 21, 2009

Strong Emotions

Lately Pookie and I seem out of sync. I think this is because I have taken on a private lesson on Wednesday mornings which means one of our mornings is gone. Also DH is working away on our upstairs which means every weekend Pookie and I have to leave the house (usually to the Zoo). I am feeling increadibly stressed, Pooks is grouchy, taxes are due, student exams are coming up and Pookie's b-day is soon. I am so looking forward to May when things calm down and Pookie and I can try to get back in sync again.

Now that Pooks is getting older, her personality seems to becoming more and more clear. She seems to be a lot more active than other kids her age. Not hyperactive at all, just full of energy. She also seems to understand how to get a reaction out of people and how to ham it up. She has an arsenal of faces she makes and sometimes she will make one and you think she really is feeling sad or grouchy, and then she will look you in the eye and start laughing. When she is happy she glows, but when she is upset... watch out! She has been having more temper tantrums lately. Ones that I can't control at all. In the past I let them run their course, but usually I sense when she is almost done and an offer or a hug or to nurse will usually snap her out of it. Now the length of time she spends upset has increased. It is so hard to watch her so upset and I always feel increadibly guilty. I also access to see if it is something I could of prevented, and even if I can't come up with a way I still feel responsible.
Yesterday I took her to the Play Centre. We got there much later than usual so Pookie still really wanted to play when it was time to go. They do a circle time and I thought she would like it. In hindsight I should of just left immediately. I took her over and she saw the train set and wanted to pull it all out. All the toys had been put away and you are not supposed to take them out. Well I told her she could have one train and I thought that would be cool. Boy was I wrong. She LOST IT! She ran and threw herself down and started sobbing... while they were all singing songs. I stayed calm and tried to get all our stuff together as fast as possible. It felt like it took FOREVER! I picked her up screaming and kicking and took her to the car. Once in the car I decided to let her calm down until she was ready to either go home or go to the store. After 40 minutes of sitting in the car she just wanted to play in there and I had to put her in her seat forcibly. I felt so aweful & defeated I just wanted to cry.
We got home and had a nap together and she was much more pleasant when she woke up.
I am hoping that teething is playing apart in this. She is still cutting her eye teeth and last night she tossed and turned, and this morning she saw a teething ring in the freezer, grabbed it and chewed on it until it was room temperature.


Lindsay said...

I know how hard it can be to see our little ones acting out when we know how they can really act. I think part of this is the age that they are getting to and that they really want to be "in charge" of their lives. We have been having similiar struggles and tantrums and we have been working through them one by one. Just remember that this too is a stage and it will pass.
Hugs from Logan and I.

luvs2smile said...

I totally agree with Lindsay. It's so hard, especially in public to let tantrums run its course. At home, I just let William throw it, and when he's done I ask him, is it time time for hugs and kisses? Almost everytime, he shakes his head yes, and comes right over. Then, everything's back to normal. Being a parent to a toddler is no walk in the park, but I think you're doing an amazing job!!!!!!

Shannon said...

Hey guys,

Thanks so much for your kind comments. I know I have read thank toddlers and teens are so similar... and it is so true. They really are trying to assert their independance. It is so hard when they just can't understand WHY you can't let them do X, Y or Z.

It is nice to know I am not the only one dealing with this!

Bundleboo MaMa said...

awww..temper tantrums are a blast huh?! All kidding aside... its a great sign that she is aserting her independence. Pace yourself... give yourself an extra 45 mins headway on anything important you must do...so that you can make time for these tantums and battles...the less stress you show the faster the tantrums will resolve themselves. You are a wonderful mama..keep up the good work.