January 25, 2009

Zoo Day, great EC day

Yesterday is was -18 celcius (0F) when we arrived at the Zoo to meet our friends and their 1 & 3 year old daughters.  We haven't seen this family since Pookie was a few weeks old.  They are also an AP family, so I was really looking forward to having someone to talk to that was on the same page.   I was also excited to see their youngest who we have never met.

We ended up having such a nice day.  Pooks was into some animals more than others.  I actually thought she would be more excited than she was.  Her favourite animals were definitely the Gorilla's her and the 3 year old "B" really enjoyed watching them for quite some time.   I am pretty sure Pookie had the most fun holding B's hand and walking around.  Seeing the two of them made me so excited for having another baby, and seeing our friends two little girls also did.  I think it also got Jeff more excited about baby #2.  He made a comment about wanting my sister to hurry up an decide on her wedding... so presumably we can figure out when we can start TTC.  YEAH!

During lunch Pooks asked for some "boo boo" -  what she has started calling nursing.  It was nice to be able to nurse her and not feel awkward.   The one year old also had some "boo boo" and chowed down. :P   

I put Pookie in a pullup because I didn't want to chance an accident in the freezing weather.  As it turned out she didn't need one.  After lunch I took her pee and her diaper was still dry.  And at 3pm when we were leaving she kept saying she had to go.  She was all bundled up so I didn't bother taking her.  I thought for sure she would just pee in her diaper, but when we got home her diaper was still dry!!  This is almost 2 weeks with no accidents (except at night and at my mom's).  Even at my mom's she is starting to wear her underwear and has only had accidents when waking up from naps.  I am thinking... hoping she will be potty learned by 2!

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Sheryl said...

Congrats!! My daughter was in undies and totally potty learned before her second birthday too! That is really something to be proud of ! :)