January 10, 2009

Who needs a $450 kitchen when you have a husband like mine!

DH really outdid himself with Pookie's Kitchen.  He finished just after Christmas which actually worked out well because we were given all the accessories for it.  We set it all up for her and did an unveiling.  The LOVES it!  We now have a little table for her where the potty is and DH is going to build her a little fridge as well.  This is in one end of our dining room, but I thought it was perfect to have it there so she could work in her kitchen, while I worked in ours.  She plays with it everyday.

I love that DH did the burners out of wood and made them darker just like the one I coveted.  The knobs for the burners click when you turn them.  I am not sure how he did that but he figured something out while he was at Home Depot.  We put two RAST ikea tables together and stood them the wrong way up.  The other one that we based this idea off would of been two short and way too tiny.  We wanted something that would last her.  Then DH put another piece of wood ontop as the counter and he worked from there.  All he had was a jigsaw, and some nice guys at the depot who cut some of the wood for him.


Motherhood for the Weak said...

Gorgeous! Your DH wins Dad of the Year with this kitchen.

Ooooo *jealous*


We are going to try and make our own kitchen too but my DH has a hard time figuring out logistics on projects like this so it's like pulling teeth to get anything done. Although once he gets going he's fine.

Glad to hear Pookie is sleeping better. I forgot, is she around 18 months? Perhaps it was the 18 month sleep regression?

LittlePeopleWealth said...

That is a beautiful kitchen!