January 16, 2009

ECing is back on track

Over the holidays we got really lazy with ECing.  I stopped offering the potty, I kept her in diapers and we pretty much only got her on the potty once a day.  Now I am getting more sleep and we are back to our normal routine, she is back in undies during the day.  Within a couple days of being in underwear she had her first dry day!  She still needs me to tell her when to go, but if the past predicts the future she should start taking the initiative again.  She told my mom she had to poop when she was over there, and before bed she usually tells me she has to go.  She also has woken up in the night and asked to go, and today she woke up from her nap to go.

She is 20 months now so I have changed my mentality a bit because I feel like the end could be in sight.  I want to do all I can do to get her potty learned sooner than later, without putting pressure on her.  For me that just means not being lazy about reminding her, and not using diapers at all during the day, even when we go out.  Today I took her out in underwear.  We went swimming and she peed before and after, and then we went grocery shopping and I never worried.  I am hoping tomorrow will be a dry day.

The one thing I must not let myself do is get angry if she does have an accident.  I am never mad at her, but I do get mad at myself, and it does no good to show that.  I just have to remember that if she does have an accident she is still learning and gaining understanding of how it all works.

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BundlebooMaMa said...

Im glad things are back on track for you...my expierence with frustration is that although you may not say anything to them about it....they can sense it and will stop the communication...my older two would start hiding and doing it if they even thought that I would be even a little upset...hang in there your doing a good job :)