January 12, 2009

Baby Making Plans

So I had a wonderful X-mas present.  On Dec 26, I finally got my first postpartum period!!  Everly was 19.5 months.  It felt so good to know we could start TTC.  I had thought we might start in Feb or March, after a month or two of really eating well and doing the very gentle detox my naturopath suggested.

Well a few days later my younger sister got engaged!  I am so happy for her, but they are planning to get married next January... in the Carribean.  So... I am putting TTC plans on hold.  From what I read it should be safe to travel as long as I am less than 36 weeks.  That means the earliest we can start trying in June.  It is a bit of a bummer, but it does give us more time to get Pookie ready... and hopefully nightweaned to some extent.

I was planning on temping right away to track my cycles, but with Pookies terrible sleep habits lately it just wasn't happening.  The good news is it was SO clear to me when I ovulated this month.  It was pretty amazing.  My nipples got really sore, and all the other signs were there.  

About 6 weeks before my period came I was starting to feel more moody.  I talked to the naturopath about it.  My intuition told me my cycles were going to start.  It feels good to know your body that well.

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Linds said...

That is great news about your TTC plans (and your sister getting engaged too). I hope that you are able to become pregnant easily and have a smooth pregnancy.