January 25, 2009


Now we are back to normal after the holidays I have been making sure we do some of her Montessori activities each day.  I pulled out her mug and popsicle sticks and she did that one about 7 times in a row!  It isn't challenging for her but she really enjoyed it.  I have now set up open shelves with puzzles, etc. on them on the main floor and on the second floor.  The basement houses all the more open-ended dramatic play toys.  

I have also been making an effort to work on her ABC's.  I have stapled foam puzzle ABC's on our basement wall and each day I try to do those with her.  She can now recognize P and she knows "P is for Potty or pee pee.  E, M & N she can also recognize, but not consistently.  I try to keep it fun and when she is done with it we move to whatever she wants.   We also play "What is D for... " and she will answer by saying the D sound or saying Daddy.  She can do that for a few letters.

I tried doing shapes with her but she seems more into the ABC's for some reason, so that is why I chose them.  Even colours she isn't too into. 

She is saying more and more words now and can clearly say "mommy" instead of "mama".   I think she is starting to catch up with her language.  Although I don't think she was ever behind... just on the lower end of normal.  The other day she even said "mommy poo poo", which was a big deal since she never has put two words together like that. 

I am trying to not underestimate what she is capable of understanding and learning, but at the same time I don't want to push her or set unrealistic expectations.  I just want to create an environment were she can thrive.

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