January 23, 2009

Swimming and other activities

Mon, Wed, Fri are my SAHM days, so I have been trying to do something with Pooks each day.   This week we went to an indoor playground on Mondays.  She had so much fun!!  She could climb up to the area where the big slides were and she went down all the slides.  She was so adventurous and independent.  She didn't get in any fights or get upset.  Every so often she would run over to me to check in for a hug or to take me to another section, but mostly she was happy on her own while I watched.  I felt so proud... seeing her in a different situation like that and seeing her handle it so well felt really good.   I think I might get a pass for 10 visits which should last until winter is over.  Then we can start going to the park again.

Wednesday my mom came over, but usually my plan is to take her to the government run play centre.  It is a great place, they have all sorts of toys and activities.  All the toys have a purpose... whether it is dramatic play, arts and crafts or learning, numbers etc... The focus is on early learning.  Pookie loves it there too.

On Fridays I have been taking her swimming in the morning which she LOVES.  She got so excited today and couldn't wait to get out of the house.  Today she put her face under the water a bunch of times all on her own... and she liked it!!  She HATED being dunked when we did swimming with her as a baby, so I felt glad that I trusted my instincts and knew she would do it on her own time.  The pool and it's deepest is not even over her head, so it is great for little kids.  

On Mondays there is also booktime at the library.  She loved it up to about 16 months and then she wasn't interested, but I think we will try again now she is in the older kids group.  She definitely prefers being with big kids.

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