December 1, 2008

Plan Toys Cone

I got this toy for Pookie for her first b-day even though it says 2 and up.  For some reason I thought it was the neatest thing ever and was so excited for her to get it.  Right away she really enjoyed it.  Especially inserting the green rod into the green tube.  I put it away for about a month and pulled it out tonight for her.  She did it about 8 times.  She can now put it all together on her own.  She did it once without any mistakes, and several times she completed it and would correct herself as she went.  Interestingly the time she did it perfectly was the time I didn't say anything!  I try to stay low key and just mention the colours as she picks them up.  I do find I always have the urge to help her do things, but I try my best to let her figure things out on her own.

You can see in th picture she has one black sock on.  Her newest obsession is socks.  She has been putting them on and off for the past few days.  It has been amazing watching her get better and better.  She can now get her own little socks on, and a couple days ago she couldn't.


Artistmama said...

I love Plan Toys. We have the road system with vehicles and a fire and gas station So much fun.

She's doing really well with that. And the socks too! Michael just started showing interest in putting his own socks on. He's a bit of a perfectionist and if he can't do it just right the first time he gets frustrated! Ah, something for us to work on.

Shannon said...

I have seen the road system. It is beautiful! They have part of it at the play centre we go to and Pooks loves it!

It is funny how they can get so caught up in something like socks. Pooks also got hugely frustrated at first but when I gave her some big stretched out socks she really liked that!