December 12, 2008

New Montessori Shelf

The shelf up in Pookies room has been going unused because it is COLD in there.  I keep the heat at about 17celcius/ 62.5F, which is fine in most of the rooms except for two of them.  We basically can't use those ones in the winter and just close them off.

So I have set her up on the two bottom shelves of our bookcase in the living room.  This is working really well!  She loves her little shelf and has been doing all the puzzles that are on them right now.  She really enjoys puzzles so that is what I have been putting out for her.  

Remember those two piece cardboard matching animal puzzles from a month ago?  Well she loves them now.  She can get them together if she really tries and matches the animals with no hesitation.  It is amazing how quickly they change!

What I really like about using this shelf is that she uses our ottoman as a little table when she doesn't want to work on her mat.  It is the perfect height and size for her. 

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