December 21, 2008


I have been doing a lot of colour talk with Pookie lately and I think she is starting to get it.  We have also been doing once a day and doing the letter A and B, and she will now say the A sound when I ask what A says and same with B.  I don't want to push this all on her but I do want to give her a chance to learn her colours, shapes and letters.

I was thinking once the the holidays are over each week I would pick one shape, colour and letter, and really focus on those ones.  Just like when you are teaching signs.  You don't stop using the other ones but you definitely focus on the ones you are trying to teach.  I am hoping to make some stuffed felt letters and I thought we could play matching games with them.  We could use her wooden alphabet blocks and the felt letters and match them up.  We could do starfall once a day.  I feel like she is just on the cusp of being really receptive to this type of thing.  I guess the thing is to not get discouraged if she doesn't seem to be picking it up, because as long as she is having fun it is all good.

She is also REALLY into animals at the moment (especially horses), so I think I could seize the opportunity and show her lots of different ones.  We got her more mini animals for her stocking.  This time we got the canadian ones.  I think she will really enjoy the moose, and deer since they look so much like horses. 

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BundlebooMaMa said...

I love the idea of felt fun is that!