December 2, 2008

My visit to the Naturopath

So I saw the naturopath this morning, and I like her even more now!! I felt extremely comfortable talking to her and I never felt like she was judging me or like she felt like I was horrible for not having the perfect diet.

The first thing we focused on was a preconception plan to get my body in great health before I get pregnant. This is one of her specialties and I could tell she really enjoys it. After the holidays I am going to start gentle detox. It needs to be gentle so the toxins don't go into my breastmilk. She recommended I do the "Heel Detox", it comes with a booklet to explain it. She also suggested a rice based protein powder called "Ultraclear" by metagenics. This is too help absorb the toxins. She also wants me to drink green tea which I have started doing - I am determined to start liking teas! Also I obviously need to be taking a prenatal and fish oil, and work to clean up my diet like I did before I got pregnant with Pookie. She says if I also get my protein stores up before I get pregnant I shouldn't have any nausea like last time.

We also talked about my history of depression and I told her how I have been feeling just a bit off lately - like perhaps my hormones are gearing up. She recommended the fish oil and something called Neuropas by pascoe. I think she said it was from Germany and apparently she really has seen good results with it in her patients.

She also wants me to take a B-complex, and 1gram of cinnimon a day to help with my adrenal gland which is apparently on the weak side. She took my blood pressure lying down and sitting which told her that. She also looked at my tonuge and took my pulse in both wrists which has something to do with Chinese medicine. She talked quite a bit about being hot or cool.

I go back in January for a follow up and to see how my detox is going. She says she has a homeopathic remedy in mind, but doesn't want to give it to me yet because it will make my symptoms exagerated and I guess she wants to do all this other stuff first.

She also talked about doing acupuncture when I start trying to get pregnant to help the egg be super healthy, and I could tell she had lots of information for when I get pregnant and post-partum.

Anyways I really felt like I clicked with her and I felt so positive when I left. I am in the process of making Daddy an appointment. I think it will be great for him health wise and also so that he feels like he is on board with this type of approach to health.


Artistmama said...

That sounds so awesome! I'd love to go to someone like that. Sounds so much more caring and in depth than our western style med.

BundlebooMaMa said...

That does sound awesome! What is the heel detox?? Is that like the kinoke foot pads that I've seen on comercials?? I am glad that you like her :)

Lindsay said...

That's amazing. I really wished our insurance would help pay for something like that. Thank goodness they cover my midwife.

Shannon said...

I have had the coverage to go for several years now and just never got up the courage. For some reason it seemed intimidating. I wish I hadn't waited this long!

I guess in the states the insurance you get through work is different than here. I think it is pretty common to have some for things like massage, naturopath and chiropractic care.

Manal said...

I came across your blog looking for info about Neuropas. I can't find a thing online. I'm 8 weeks postpartum and my ND just recommended by email that I take it after a really bad/depressing few days. I'm giong in to see her soon but feel like I need *something* to give me a boost. Have you tried the Neuropas yet? Did your ND give you any more info you don't mind sharing?

Any info would be GREATLY appreciated!

Shannon said...

Hi Manal,

I haven't actually bought the Neuropas yet, but my ND did rave about it. She said she recommends it for PPD and that it is way ahead of other natural remedies for depression. Apparently she has seen really good results with it. I think I am going to pick some of the items up this week. I will definitely do an update on the results. I am actually taking the Neuropas more of a preventative thing, because I do have bad PMS and I have a feeling AF will be returning in the new year, and I want to be prepared.

I hope it works for you. :)