July 29, 2009

So in love

It just blows my mind how I my love for Everly just keeps growing.  Whenever I look at her my heart just wants to burst and sometimes I am compelled to attack her with dozens of kisses and hugs, which usually gets her giggling.  Sometimes she will attack me back with a whole bunch of little pecks.  I love how when I say "I love you" she says "I love you too mommy" and sometimes "Daddy loves me too".  

I am constantly amused with her antics and personality.  It just never seems to grow old.  

Of course we have our moments where she throws fits or is just totally and utterly 2.  For the most part I can even laugh those off... although sometimes I do feel like I am losing my mind. :P

1 comment:

Tia said...

terrible twos? lol
we're in that stage right now too.