July 25, 2009

Little Artist

While we were up at the cottage earlier this summer there wasn't much to do other than draw and paint.  For weeks Everly had been obsessed with asking me to draw her happy faces... which I was kind of reluctant to do because I wanted her to draw for herself and in her own way.  So low and behold she painted her first "happy face" while we were up there, and when we got home her happy faces grew arms, legs and hair.  It is so neat to watch her draw her people now.  She isn't always into doing it but sometimes she really does very recognizable people.  Other times not so much.  Today she also drew snakes and she draws rain as well.  Not bad for 26 months... which is actually how old I was when I drew my first happy face! 

Of course I had to run out and get her an easel which has been well used.  It is in the middle of living/ dining room but I wanted it to be easily accessible.  We got ours at Ikea for $20.  I was drooling over the Melissa & Doug one but it was $100 and really not THAT much better than the Ikea one.

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