July 25, 2009

Adventures in Tandem Nursing

I am almost finished this book and I really enjoyed it.  I have had it since Everly has under a year, but now that we are in TTC mode I thought I would crack it open.  I really like that it is actually more about adjusting to a growing family and finding balance.  I would definitely recommend it for anyone who finds themselves pregnant and still breastfeeding, or for anyone who is planning to be in that position.

Part of me would really love to experience nursing two children at once and watching them bond that way.  The other part thinks it might be easier if Everly weans herself while I am pregnant.  I guess the good thing it whatever happens will have it's pros and cons, and either way I can be happy.  I do talk to Everly about how when there is a new baby she will have to share "boo boos" and now sometimes while she is nursing she points to the other one and says "that boo boo, baby" and nods her head in this really serious way.  A few months ago if I pretended to nurse a doll while she was nursing she would get quite angry and now she wants to share.

Reading this book has gotten me really excited about TTC... before I was much more reluctant.  I just hope it doesn't take too long.  With Everly it took 2 goes, so it is hard not to expect it to happen relatively quickly.  Also I got pregnant in August with her, so there is a part of me that thinks I will get pregnant again in August.  

The good thing is if I don't get pregnant it means I have more time to put into running and building up my weekly mileage.  So at least if I don't get pregnant there is always something to ease it.

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